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NEW MOOSe in the headlights…

Small Changes, Big Impacts?

Big Effort, No Impact?

Teachers are always trying to improve themselves and their classes. And you? Have you found a new way to use your LMS? Is there a new classroom technique that you’ve been trying? OTJ has always been all about teachers talking directly to each other about what they love to do.

On Saturday, February 4, 2023, we’re going to hear about those changes. If you’re looking for new ideas for the 2023 school year, this should be a useful event for you. Each session will focus on just one specific change a teacher made that they feel made either a big impact or no impact at all. Sessions will be under the following themes: SCBI and BENI.

RATT = Reduced/Altered Toolset Teaching

“MOOSe: Massively Open Online Sessions.”

Some have referred to the OTJ Summer Sessions as a conference. However, the coordinators feel that this is not quite accurate, as it differs from traditional conferences in several ways. So what is this event?
Well, it’s a M.O.O.Se!

For more information on the MOOSe format, see our Q&A.