Destroying Education

Wednesday 14:00 – 15:30
Destroying Education
Simon Moran
Thanks for coming along today. Everyone’s contributions were very valuable.

I hope the session was of interest. The video is available for those that couldn’t make it.

Some have suggested doing some more sessions, which I very may well do. It wouldd be great if all could get involved in continuing the discussion.

To that end, please add thoughts to the questions, and add more Q+A.

Many thanks.


Opening Statement 1
Opening Statement 2
Today’s Questions
Today’s Task

Chat Log

00:14:46	BB Zeff:	hey simon.  i am at my shoulder rehab but listening with great interest!
00:16:13	Adam Jenkins:	Does curiosity survive though?
00:16:30	Glen Hill:	yes, it KILLS cats!
00:17:07	Adam Jenkins:	Tell us how you really feel...
00:17:17	Todd Beuckens:	lol
00:17:55	Scott M (Personal Account):	All schools or 1-12?
00:20:24	Louise Heal Kawai:	Could you put his name here in the chat?
00:20:49	Meagan Kaiser:	Sugata Mitra
00:20:55	Scott M (Personal Account):	I think he has a good TED talk...let me find it.
00:21:04	Mary Nobuoka:
00:21:11	Scott M (Personal Account):	Fast!
00:21:15	Bill Pellowe:
00:22:44	Louise Heal Kawai:	Thanks everyone.
00:24:27	Scott M (Personal Account):
00:24:41	Scott M (Personal Account):	That is the paper. Sorry for the long link.
00:24:42	Simon Moran:	Opening statement
00:24:55	Simon Moran:	Today’s Questions
00:25:15	Todd Beuckens:	That is true in sports. In countries that dominate a particular sport, kids play the sport initially at an unorganized or pick-up level. USA - basketball, Canada - hockey, Brazil - soccer, Skiing - Norway
00:34:49	jenniferclaro:	Question: How much would all 3 presenters say this relate to student empowerment (Freire)? I see Japanese university students as disempowered. Sorry for no mike and no video.
00:35:41	Quenby Aoki:	Paulo Freire
00:35:49	Quenby Aoki:	read him!!!
00:36:12	Christopher White:
00:36:23	Simon Robinson:	"the pedagogy of the oppressed" - it's about empowering people to seek social equality and justice (my paraphrase)
00:36:33	jenniferclaro: and critical pedafgogy
00:36:51	jenniferclaro:	Sorry spelling: critical pedagogy
00:36:56	Bill Pellowe:	That’s what’s wrong with the US these days. Everyone has an opinion, and all of them are valid. Thus anti-maskers, etc.
00:37:31	Quenby Aoki:	Bill...preach!!
00:37:44	Bill Pellowe:	Getting my soapbox now!
00:37:46	jenniferclaro:	Freire believed we have to empower students to realize that the state is engineering their educations for the benefit of the state
00:37:58	Christopher White:	This also:
00:38:03	Bill Pellowe:	You don’t want to teach people how to overthrow you.
00:38:21	Glen Hill:	people don't always fail a quiz and then think they will never learn the subject. That's just a bold claim.
00:39:17	jenniferclaro:	Japanese students are on the sole path to success which is corporate success
00:39:20	Kevin Bell:	Agreed Glen - not always - just drawing some generalities based on (the goal of) reducing fear of failure - which is certainly prevalent in education
00:39:51	Christopher White:	I'm with X - how can you work within a system that demands grading and the "pass/fail" paradigm?
00:40:11	Glen Hill:	Kevin, I hear you, but generalities like that are on shaky ground. you would have to be more specific to make a valid point, I think.
00:40:17	jenniferclaro:	Yes Bill, I understand but we teachers can possibly support empowerment by asking students to ask why they are educated in the way they are
00:40:30	Simon Robinson:	or even WHY do we need to assess them?
00:40:55	Simon Moran:	Indeed.
00:41:16	David Chapman:	Thank you. Sorry I have to go.
00:41:32	Adam Jenkins:	Are we considering "education" and "learning" as synonyms? Most learning happens outside educational contexts.
00:41:51	Glen Hill:	good point, Adam
00:42:16	José Cruz:	your question noted, Adam
00:42:18	Glen Hill:	research on self-assessment shows how often the assessor is not always correct.
00:42:31	jenniferclaro:	I remember reading a study that found that good students tend to underestimate their effort while poor students tend to overestimate it.

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