Flip your Content with H5P

Does your school use an LMS or a website to share content with students? Are you looking for ways to transfer your collection of paper-based activities into the online space?

If you are, then you’ll find H5P to be a wonderfully simple tool to add to your skillset. In this presentation, we will look at different H5P content types and how they might apply to some of your paper paper-based handouts.

Join the workshop to see what can you can flip with H5P?

Where Is All My Disk Space?

A session answering a request for information on managing your computer’s disk space and file organization. José doesn’t know much about anything if it doesn’t have an apple on its logo, but Scott Votour knows plenty about windows machines so we should have that covered. This will be done as an open roundtable where we give a bit of a talk at the start but then open the mic up for user questions. Join us!

Creating a Pressbook, add H5P

As instructors, we usually have a lot of loose documents, notes we share with learners. I use Pressbooks to organize all my class documents, lessons, videos, and quizzes in digital format in Pressbooks.

I regard the Pressbook as my digital contents storage and supply the link to the exercise to students. Also, the Pressbook link can be used by learners to create their projects.

I’ll show in the admin menu how easy it is to use Pressbooks and enhance the material by adding some H5P content. Watch the 2-minute video before the presentation to see how to integrate content in a lesson without giving students access to the full Pressbook.


Host your own Moodle (or an LMS of your choice), it is cheap, easy and smart.

I will give a general outline of what is needed and costs associated with hosting your own Moodle (or any LMS). I will offer my reasons for going it on my own and why you should too. I see this as a roundtable discussion about hosting your own Moodle. I will answer questions and hopefully other OTJ Moodle users will join.

Link to my How to Set Up VPS for Moodle


Adobe Spark: Every Student, Every Teacher Can Create

Teachers are looking for ways to bring creativity and creative problem solving into the classroom. Employers today are seeking creative people. Adobe’s creativity tools are the gold standard for creative professionals across the globe. Adobe Spark Page, Spark Video, and Spark Post are powerful, user-friendly tools that can be used by students in their academic journey, moving them from content consumption to content creation, giving them a voice. As we reflect on a post-pandemic world Adobe Spark is a great tool for student agency. Connect with Nate on Twitter (@nathangildart) and find more tedtech tutorials at Social Studies Samurai

Creative Commons and Open Culture: Why Teachers Should Share

An introduction to Creative Commons licensing, and how teachers can safely share their resources online while protecting their rights as creators.

Building Educator Supports for post-2020 Teaching: More than a webpage

This presentation will focus on opening up the topic of teacher and admin needs for various new supports in post-2020 educational settings. The world has changed and new needs have emerged as we stretch and grow to meet the new challenges we face as educators. In order to address this, we will talk about our newly launched website, www.bricolageteacher.com and how we are striving to build a place of resources that not only supports teachers with materials and information, but facilitates interaction with experts, peer-peer learning and the promotion of group research. In order to promote inclusivity, we will talk about the need to reach out to various groups of educators in order to give a strong and more unified voice to the needs. We will also address the issues of supporting educators who wish to become published or make academic presentations, to meet their goals in these areas by assisting and encouraging them actively. Finally, we would like to open up the floor to discussion about teacher needs and other areas of professional development in a brainstorming/collaborative learning session.

Game Changers and Life Savers (Episode 2)

A continuation of last year’s “Game Changers” summer session, this will be a MyShare for things that have been essential in the last year of online or hybrid teaching. Come prepared to share all of the best things that you have learned and discovered!

The three main categories are:
Part 1 – School: Class Activities, Resources, Time-Savers
Part 2 – Home: “Office” Set-up, Sanity, Routine
Part 3 – Advice to Self or Others
Participants will be put into groups to maximize each person’s time to talk and write down notes onto Google Slides, then come back into the main room to share ideas from each group.


  • I will not record the session, but can share links to our Google Slides.
  • Please be friendly and open-minded. Everyone likes different things; if you don’t think something would work for you personally, don’t bash the app/product/person sharing.
  • Let’s make sure everyone in your group who wants to share, does! Please be mindful of how long you are speaking.
  • Like in OTJ, please refrain from self-promotion; do not try to sell or pressure anyone to buy any products that you would be profiting from. Thank you!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Updated]

Here is the link to the Google Slides where we compiled all our great ideas and resources!! Please make a copy to save to your Google Drive or download directly to your device.

Planning Retirement for Teachers

Be the custodian of your financial future! Join our roundtable discussion with Ben Shearon, Simon Moran, Jon Gorham, Scott McLellan and Ramon Mislang to learn more about what you need to do today to prepare for a time when you will no longer be earning income from teaching, but living off of your savings and investments.