Digitizing the 学級日誌

Video Abstract

Every high school homeroom has one… a big book or binder that gets passed around from student to student day after day for the purpose of recording the day’s happenings. I was challenged with digitizing this book as part of a paperless initiative by my school’s administration. The result is a Google Spreadsheet that students access through Google Classroom, using macros to simplify the daily updating process by the teacher.

This session will walk you through the process and allow you to experience how to record a macro in Google Spreadsheets. So, even if you are not a high school homeroom teacher, you may still be able to walk away with an idea on how to simplify an aspect of your own daily routine.

This session will require access to a Google Drive account. If you would like to walk with me through the macro recording process, please make a copy of the Google Sheet into your Drive linked below before the start of the session and make sure you can access it during the session. A device with a keyboard is recommended.

Session Recording
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Topic: Digitizing the 学級日誌
Hosted By: Edward Escobar
Start: Tue, Aug 24, 2021 01:00 PM
Category: Day 2 - Tuesday
Duration: 45 minutes
Current Timezone: Asia/Tokyo

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