Effective English Teaching Methods for Teachers Not Fluent in Japanese

Video Abstract

Some might be asking if it’s true that many English conversation schools that claimed to offer “fun English classes” and “lessons with native English teachers” are closing their doors, while many English cram schools are overflowing with students and even have waiting lists.

One of the reasons for this possible shift from English conversation classes to English cram schools is that many parents are beginning to feel a disconnect between what these native English classes offer, and what their children need to succeed at junior high school English.

These parents who send their elementary school children to learn English want their children to have completed the third grade of junior high school by the sixth grade, or to pass English certification tests like Eiken.

This presentation will focus on grammar instruction following the new curriculum guidelines for junior high schools starting in 2021. By doing this three-year curriculum for middle school, students will inevitably reach the level of EIKEN Level 3.

We will show you how to incorporate better, ministry guided grammar instruction, while maintaining the individuality of your school.

(1) This teaching material corresponds to the new Courses of Study presented by MEXT for 2021.

(2) The text uses UD fonts, which will be used in school books from 2021.

(3) These materials are designed for elementary school students who are studying the contents of the third year of junior high school or up to Level 3 of the EIKEN.

(4) It will be useful when explaining grammar in both your online and in-person classes.

(5) The file format is Microsoft Power Point. You can download it free from the App store to open it with your iOS devices.

Session Recording
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Topic: Effective English Teaching Methods for Teachers Not Fluent in Japanese
Hosted By: Yoko L.
Start: Fri, Aug 27, 2021 01:00 PM
Category: Day 5 - Friday
Duration: 1 hour 0 minutes
Current Timezone: Asia/Tokyo

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