Group Work Breakouts

Video Abstract

Group work in classrooms and breakout rooms:

What are the differences for teachers and students?

So many of us have had to switch back and forth from classroom to online teaching recently and are acutely aware of the differences in these modalities from our perspective as teachers. But how about our students? What do they have to say about their experiences of group work in a classroom and on Zoom? In their view, how large should a breakout room group be? How long should they spend in a breakout room? Should they switch their cameras on or off? How can teachers assist breakout room discussions when they cannot be present all the time? After sharing my findings from interviews with students, we will discuss the teacher perspective and share suggestions for how to improve the group work experience for everyone.

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Topic: Group Work Breakouts
Hosted By: Amanda Gillis-Furutaka
Start: Wed, Aug 25, 2021 11:00 AM
Category: Day 3 - Wednesday
Duration: 1 hour 0 minutes
Current Timezone: Asia/Tokyo

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